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Family History

Tom Wylie started selling monuments in the Portland area in 1912. In 1917 he moved his family to Pendleton, Oregon where he purchased the Pendleton Monument Co. In 1921 Tom established the Wylie Monument Company in Walla Walla where it remains today at the corner of Seventh and Main.
Tom's son, Kelly, entered the business in 1926. He worked with his father until Tom's death in 1964. Throughout Kelly's years in the business many ideas evolved. Modernization and a much larger service area were just a few contributions Kelly left with the company.
In 1964 Kelly's son Richard came into the business continuing the modernization and extending the service area even further. He purchased the company's first computer system that would eventually revolutionize the process of producing memorials at the Wylie Monument Co.
Richard's son, Justin, came into the business in 1997, after completing his education at Gonzaga University.

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